Educating distribution channels

The distribution of unlicensed products creates a disadvantage for licensed manufacturers. It is essential, therefore, to seek the cooperation of traders and retailers. A pure legal approach (litigation) against the distribution of unlicensed products is expensive and slow and risks retaliation by the retailer against the patent owner’s brands. 

One-Red has an excellent track record in obtaining the cooperation of distribution channels without litigation, or threat of litigation. We develop and maintain good relationships with key retailers and traders, explain and demonstrate how to recognize infringing unlicensed products, and explain that it is also in their interest to only sell licensed products. 

One-Red provides its "Market Education and IP Awareness” services not only to support patent license programs, but also to patent owners that do not license their patents and use their patents to sell exclusive products. Our Market Education and IP Awareness services help discourage the sale of products that infringing patents of the exclusive products.